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For Online Streaming / Download of all Robert Bramkamp feature films see: realeyz.tv.

Pynchon Notes 50-51, »Into the Zone 2000«
is released!

Beside many interesting research articles this issue contains information to »Pruefstand7« and an article about the film by Robert Bramkamp »The veil between curtains.«

You can order the Pynchons Notes on the editors Homepage.

Prüfstand 7 - nomininated for the Adolf Grimme Preis 2003 - Competition »Spezial«

In a workshop with George Seesslen a group of students of the University of Giessen produced a very much detailed press booklet to Teststand 7. It offers portraits, interviews, background information, essays, numerous filmstills and much more...
– in German.

© Giessen 2002, 37 pages

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