CD - Cover: "Rocketsong" by Robert Forster & The UFA Babelsberg Filmorchester

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For Pynchon-Fans:
Yes, I can answer your question unmistakably: GRAVITY’S RAINBOW would be a component and not the basis of the whole project.
(excerpt from a letter to Thomas Pynchon`s agency)
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The filmscore co-operation with Robert Forster (“Go Betweens”) was a desire of the director, who is a big fan of the Go-Betweens, “nobody transports words better through melodies.” Forster had already brought in 2 Songs in Bramkamps film „Conquest of the Centre". Robert Forster's Lyrics were inspired by the last page of Pynchons “Gravity's rainbow”. The recording was made in a berliner hotel room with 2 microphones and a Nagra. On the occasion of the “Go-Betweens” - Reunification in the year 2000 the music channel „VIVA to 2/zwobot“ broadcasted an 2-hour Go-Betweens Special, where Forster also reported about the shooting in Babelsberg.

The orchestra accompaniment to the Song was composed by the young composer Max Knoth (see left). From this co-operation a musical strategy for the whole film was developed. The compositions of Max Knoth were performed by the German Filmorchester Babelsberg under the direction of Bernd Wefelmeyer, who is a professor of Sound/film music at the HFF teaches.

Film Musik - Score
by Max Knoth for "Prüfstand 7” / "Test Stand 7”:

Track Title  
1. Bremer Hose - Bremen Trousers  
2. California  
3. Disney
4. Friedhof - Graveyard  
5. Geist der Rakete - Ghost/Spirit of the Rocket  
6. Kind der Rakete - Child of the Rocket  
7. Neuerungen - Innovations  
8. not at all  
9. ofen - oven  
10. rocket song (performed by Robert Forster)  
11. rocket song karaoke
("film music for a planned Pynchon Movie”)
12. roter punkt - red dot  
13. telefon - telephone  
14. tischkarten - ?  
15. Tonmann reprise - Sound Guy  
16. Watch Out Tyronne  
17. Weibliches Dunkel - Feminine Dark  
18. Weltraum - Space